• February 17, 2017

Zuck’s 6,000 Word Diary Entry & SNAP’s Pop and Drop

Zuck’s 6,000 Word Diary Entry & SNAP’s Pop and Drop

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TOD (topic of the day) 

Before we get to SNAP’s IPO (as promised), Mark Zuckerberg posted an almost 6,000 word diary entry response to my newsletter yesterday. He starts – Dear Greg, long time first time… 

In all seriousness, Zuck posted a rather impressive letter to the community yesterday in which he hints at just how big of an impact he wants the company to have on THE WORLD. From fake news to politics to poverty to artificial intelligence to globalization to, of course, making the world a more connected place. And despite denying his interest in a future of politics it sure looks like Zuck is readying his campaign platform. On to the next one.

SNAP’s IPO is going to be a big win for the tech community at large and even bigger win for Spiegel as he plans on selling some 16 million shares ($$$$$). However, with slowing user growth and revenue in the pennies compared to Facebook at the time of going public, how successful can this company be?

I know tweens love Snapchat, and sometimes I find myself enjoying it. BUT I see a TWTR-esque future in play here. SNAP is the shiny new toy and has a rude awakening ahead of itself in the public markets. Although, I think SNAP’s impressive list of investors would sell the company long before a TWTR-like fall to the floor.

That’s it for now. Let’s finish out the week. Oh and keep the messages coming. Yesterday, I got swamped by folks looking to continue the dialogue and it was a lot of fun.


Cutting up this section a bit because it’s early and we have a great 1:1 office hours this morning.

Friday at 10 am ET – Office Hours w/ Cort Davies, marketing expert & consultant
He’s answering all your marketing questions – throw some growth ideas his way for feedback, run your go-to-market strategy by him, find new lead gen tactics, anything on your mind really from a marketing perspective. He’s worked with dozens of local startups & a mentor for folks from MassChallenge, BUILD, Startup Coalition, etc. (read: tons of experience). Add this to your calendar. It’s a one-on-one chat so really tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Office Hours

Starting a business based on your strengths (Tuesday, February 21, at 2 pm ET)
Vinayak Ranade is the CEO & founder of Drafted, a referral-based recruiting app w/ seed money from Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed, BOSS, e-commerce incubator Launch, and Blade, the former fund co-founded by Paul English. Vinayak found his strengths at Kayak, leading the company’s mobile app engineering team w/ a strong knack for recruiting… the rest is history. Chat with him one-on-one during his office hours about his experiences along the way!

Bootstrapping with no VC (Wednesday, February 22, at 11 am ET)
Wondering how to make your business work without capital from outside investors? Pat Campbell, co-founder & CEO at Price Intelligently, is hosting office hours to chat with folks about bootstrapping a startup and how he grew Price Intelligently w/ no VC money. An important part of this conversation is obviously your pricing strategy so bring all your questions.


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