• August 26, 2016

What To Expect From a VentureApp Consultation

What To Expect From a VentureApp Consultation

VentureApp makes the process of finding vendors and services for businesses significantly more efficient. In some cases, we’ve saved businesses 80% of their resource time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

In one example, we learned about a 40-person business and the services it already leveraged, and immediately identified $200,000 it could save by switching to a few service providers that better fit their size and stage. That cash was immediately put back into other helpful services and a rockstar new hire.

Time and money savings from a consultation with VentureApp

Get started by entering important requests that are top of mind on the platform (here’s a blog that details that process), but we encourage you to take advantage of your free business advisor.

Schedule a 45 minute consultation and by sharing details about your service goals, requirements and budget, we will immediately shoot back a report on the health of your business services and a purchasing calendar that we will map to over the next 12 months.

This means that you tell us your purchasing plans once, and won’t have to think about it again until it’s time and we remind you that our team has started the process of researching that vendor. We analyze and map your business across more than 110 services over five core business categories (finance, legal, sales & marketing, admin & HR, and technology) and create a business schedule based on the purchasing needs you relayed to us.

It’s kind of like cruise-control for your business purchasing – you’re still in the driver’s seat, but we’re doing a majority of the work. On average, companies walk away from the consultation with 3-5 “a-ha” moments, realizing the areas where VentureApp can save them a lot of valuable time.

Still want more details on the consultation? Here’s the typical flow so you can come to call prepared — after all, we’re all about efficiency.

Consultation flow with your business advisor

  1. Learn a bit about your business advisor and VentureApp (2 mins)
  2. Provide a quick overview so we can learn about your company and customize the solutions for your business (5 mins)
    1. Industry
    2. Product/Service overview
    3. Size
    4. Structure
    5. Funding amount
    6. Revenue
    7. Any other details you want to share that
  3. How are you growing the business? (10 mins)
  4. Business area plans/goals and need identification (15-35 mins, depending on the business)
    1. HR
    2. Finance
    3. Sales
    4. Marketing
    5. Legal
    6. Technology
    7. Admin
  5. Quick platform demo for self-service requests (5 mins)

Submit a request for vendor services on VentureApp


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