• January 22, 2016

VENTUREAPP’s 2015 Year in Review [Infographic]

VENTUREAPP’s 2015 Year in Review [Infographic]

2015 is in the rear-view mirror & 2016 is full steam ahead. But as our team set goals, the strategy, budgets and operational plans for the year ahead, we also collected a lot of data, and want to share some information on our first eight months of existence. As you’ll see, we’ve spun up a nice infographic (see below) to show some stats on our business, and below I provide some context on what we’ve achieved and where we are going. We hope you find these transparent looks in to our business helpful with running your business or executing your job.

Our Community

Our numbers are growing daily – to date, there are 483 companies who have turned to VENTUREAPP with a request they needed help with – ranging from accounting services and web design needs to help finding street legal golf carts and alcohol delivery options for offices. Companies on VENTUREAPP have submitted more than 1,200 requests in just eight months, with only five requests coming through in May, up to 275 requests in December. On the other side of our platform, there are 158 qualified vendors and experts actively supporting VENTUREAPP companies with their requests.

We are so excited about all of the community contributions taking place on our platform. Businesses submit a request, and top experts & solution providers almost immediately get involved, providing answers, references, helpful content, solution recommendations, introductions to others, etc. In 2016, we will explore new ways to repurpose all of the awesome content and information being shared privately on VENTUREAPP. We also want members to be able to share more about themselves and their business, as well as their referrals and experiences with vendors in specific categories, so we can all learn from each other.

Our Product and Platform

This month we will be writing a full, transparent post on how our platform has evolved from our founding in May through today, but a few quick highlights: what began as an email address is now a web platform with functionality for both users to submit and manage requests, and vendors and experts to engage with those VENTUREAPP users. We’ve continued to integrate with email so we can work ourselves in to your daily routines as much as possible.

In 2016, our focus will be in 4 areas: 1) develop a more engaging, content-oriented experience for our businesses, 2) develop more tools for vendors to continue to help our companies and provide them with good information, 3) build much more functionality into our internal request management platform, Houston, in order to best handle company requests and provide the right solution, and 4) develop VENTUREAPP mobile.

Our Solutions Operation

Many of our companies have come to love our solutions team, who finds and provides the best solution for every single request. We believe the power of VENTUREAPP is similar to having an extra valuable employee without the additional payroll, and in order to build on this, we want our solutions team to truly get to know your businesses and be able to add as much value as possible. In 2016, companies can look forward to having a devoted solutions analyst assigned to their team. Additionally, we will develop new report types and content that helps you measure and benchmark the health of your business in different areas.

We Want to Hear From You!

While our network has grown, we are still only eight months old and only closed our funding in August. We are searching for any way possible to make VENTUREAPP better for our companies and vendors, so please send us any and all feedback so we can continue to help your business grow in 2016.

VENTUREAPP has your back.

– Chase & team

Thanks to BostInno for sharing our infographic, too.