• December 4, 2015

VENTUREAPP Version 1.2: What’s New?

VENTUREAPP Version 1.2: What’s New?

tl;dr: We launched a new homepage designed to help members get down to business even quicker. Members now arrive on a resource page where they can explore pre-populated requests by category.

We’re excited to announce a new update to the VENTUREAPP web app. Our new homepage provides members with access to a repository of pre-populated requests, filterable by business category. Upon logging in, members receive an immediate reminder of the types of business help that the VENTUREAPP marketplace can solve.

Since launching Version 1.1 a little more than a month ago, we’ve observed a lot of action on the network. Professionals are submitting requests for business problems and our community of solution providers and experts are actually solving those problems. It works!

We’ve also received a bunch of feedback on how the network is really helping businesses get stuff done faster. This is all great but we got to thinking, how we can make the process of submitting a request more streamlined?

Most new requests came from users with a specific need in mind (“I need street legal golf carts for my employees traveling from office to office in Cambridge”) or if the user viewed a request on our feed and realized, “Hey, I need that too.” While we couldn’t possible pre-populate every single request that a business needs (nor would we want to limit what a business could ask), we could help our users understand what they need in the basic units of their business…

Introducing Version 1.2:

app - Imgur

Now, users land on a helpful page of resources that encourages them to:

Members can still submit any request they need, however obscure, by clicking “New Request” in the top right corner. And, of course they can still easily access the Network right at the top of the homepage in order to view & reply to Recent and Featured requests from other professionals.

So why did we make this change? Well, our goals, which I laid out from v1.1, haven’t changed a bit. To recap:

  • Get faster and better answers for Requests.
  • Enable the right people in the Community.
  • Finally, we wanted our product to pass the “toothbrush test” – something that you could use twice a day (or once if you’re gross).

These changes hopefully get us closer to our mission. We’ve always known that decision makers are extremely focused on saving time and money, but might not know where to start. The new version creates a valuable resource center for businesses immediately upon login, which will hopefully help them recall and realize the areas of their business that they need to focus on or optimize.

As we build out our marketplace, we will continue to add the best solution providers and vendors, and we will continue to learn more and more about the businesses that need their help. We are building a marketplace of resources that will only grow and develop, providing more value for all users of VENTUREAPP.

We hope our members will poke around and share their feedback. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?