VentureApp Online Community FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is VentureApp?

VentureApp is the online community for the innovation economy.

Why should I use VentureApp?

For professionals who want access to their local innovation economy, VentureApp is the online community to follow and engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders.

You can

  • Discover and learn about professional networks and influential people in your local community
  • Strengthen your network by following and participating in meaningful conversations with industry leaders
  • Stay informed about news and events by following public chats between influencers and experts.

What makes chat a good platform for building community?

The benefits of chat make it a must-have for social communication – it’s immediate, direct, lightweight, efficient, and typically indicates a real-time back and forth between two or more people. For professional connections, interactions typically happen in-person, at events, or over email for slower, more official communication that lives in your inbox.

What type of users are communicating on VentureApp?

VentureApp is designed for professionals in the innovation economy that want to make networking enjoyable and interesting – from young professionals who want to join and strengthen their community to thought leaders who want to build social capital by communicating with influencers. The leaders in our community will do anything to help create value for one another – whether it’s helping finding technical talent, sharing marketing strategies, funding tips, etc. To date, several thousand users from more than 2,000 companies in Boston and New York, including professionals from DraftKings, Silicon Valley Bank, HubSpot, Drizly, Goodwin Procter, and more, have communicated on VentureApp.

Where can I find the VentureApp mobile app?

The VentureApp iOS mobile app is now available, download it here. The VentureApp Android app is in development and also available on mobile web. If you have feedback about our mobile app, reach out to us at

What is the difference between public and private networks?

Public networks are created by VentureApp or leaders in the community where any user can apply to join and be accepted based on criteria of the network, chat with other members, and host public chats. Private networks are designed for alumni groups, tech organizations, and business groups to create closed spaces online where their members can chat and host chats under the umbrella and branding of their group.

What are public chats?

Public chats happen between leaders in our community within networks. For users, public chats are unique opportunities to watch conversations with top influencers, entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and experts in the innovation economy. If users miss the public chat happening in real time, transcripts are made available for later viewing and sharing.

What are private chats?

Similar to a direct message in other chat platforms, private chats are one-on-one or small group chats that are not streamed live and viewable to a larger network. These are for more personal, quality conversations with new or existing contacts in your network.

Can you tell me more about VentureApp’s team?

VentureApp launched in September 2015 with a focus on connecting professionals to enable innovation and drive economic growth. Headquartered in Boston, VentureApp is backed by Accomplice, Boston Seed Capital, Fullstack Ventures, and a roster of angel investors from companies like DraftKings, HubSpot, DataXu, Techstars, InsightSquared, and more.

Our founding team has focused on breaking down the barriers of networking and communication for more than 15 years with previous ventures, including Streetwise Media and Streetwise Media is a digital media and events company focused on the tech community, which was acquired in 2012 by the American City Business Journals, a division of Advance Publications, one of the largest and most successful media companies in the world. Dailybreak is a platform engaging consumers with bite-sized content and contests that secured more than $10M in funding before being acquired in 2014 by Connelly Partners, a Boston advertising agency.