• February 17, 2017

VentureApp Frequently Asked Questions

VentureApp Frequently Asked Questions

What is VentureApp?

VentureApp is a chat platform for professionals – similar to WhatsApp, but specifically for your business network. We created VentureApp to fill a gap in the market. On the main professional social network – LinkedIn – it’s very rare for professionals to truly engage and chat back and forth with their most important business contacts. Simultaneously, chat apps are growing rapidly – outpacing social networking apps. Despite all of this, a messaging platform has not emerged that caters to the needs of business communication (versus social communication). That’s where VentureApp comes in…

Why should I use VentureApp?

If you value the importance of connecting with other professionals, on VentureApp you can:

  • Become more efficient when communicating with your extended business network
  • Engage in meaningful conversations at your desk or on the go
  • Expand your existing network and manage as you see fit – Invite others to chat, and Accept/Reject invites from others who want to chat with you
  • Network more strategically by identifying individuals or companies that interest you

How is VentureApp different than LinkedIn?

VentureApp is working hard to solve the issues with spam that users experience on LinkedIn. We heard from so many LinkedIn users who were frustrated and annoyed with unsolicited InMail messages from recruiters and sales people that flooded their inbox. Unfortunately this is part of LinkedIn’s business model – it charges users to search the network & send InMail.

We are flipping this model on its head with noise-cancelling chat features:

  • Professionals and businesses can pay money to have a premium presence on the platform to increase visibility and brand awareness for potential customers to reach out to them.
  • You can manage your profile settings so that only contacts can chat with you.
  • All chats are opt-in, so you can determine whether to accept or reject a message from another user.
  • If you reject an invite to chat, that user cannot message you again.
  • If you leave a chat, that user cannot message you until you invite them to chat again.
  • Chat invites expire after 24 hours so you’re never overwhelmed by invites.

How is VentureApp different than email?

The benefits of chat make it a must-have for social communication – it’s immediate, direct, lightweight, efficient, and typically indicates a real-time back and forth between two or more people. For business communication, there is a clear need for email for proper, official communication. But for ongoing conversations email is notoriously formal, slower to incite any actionable interaction or back and forth between the participants, and quick to clutter and overwhelm your inbox.

Why should I become a Premium member?

For professionals that want to increase the presence and brand awareness of their business on VentureApp, they can upgrade to a Premium account which unlocks a number of features designed to attract potential customers. For businesses that want multiple representatives available to chat with contacts and the VentureApp network, additional seats are available for purchase under their business profile. In the near future, businesses will be able to pay for premium placement in search. Additionally, businesses can create networks of their customers, partners, and network, to introduce one another, provide customer support, and generally extend value to common groups of professionals connected to the business.

What type of users are on VentureApp?

VentureApp is designed for professionals in the innovation economy. Our power users are the leaders of our community and will do anything to help create value for one another – whether it’s helping finding technical talent, sharing marketing strategies, connecting their best clients and partners to each other, etc. To date, several thousand users from more than 2,000 companies in Boston and New York, including professionals from DraftKings, Silicon Valley Bank, HubSpot, Drizly, Goodwin Procter, and more, have chatted on VentureApp.  

Where can I find the VentureApp mobile app?

The VentureApp iOS mobile app is now available, download it here. The VentureApp Android app is in development and will be released soon. If you would like to participate in our mobile app testing, reach out to us at help@ventureapp.com.

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are daily opportunities on VentureApp to connect with top influencers in a one-on-one chat. On the homepage of our platform, you will find a schedule of Office Hours with some of the most notable entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in our community. Why do we host Office Hours? It aligns perfectly with our mission to make the community and innovation economy more accessible, which we believe is imperative to drive economic growth and positive returns for more people.