VentureApp Community Guidelines

VentureApp is a platform for high-growth businesses to find the right solutions that can help their business.

Our mission at VentureApp is to improve the process of finding solutions or services from vendors by mapping out business connections and creating opportunities for vendors to engage with businesses in need of their services.

We’ve set forth the below guidelines to ensure quality interactions on the network:

  1. Be Helpful – Access to the VentureApp platform is an advantage for your profile and business and should be treated as such. Startups are looking for straightforward replies to their requests, without marketing jargon or sales speak. Any and all replies and referrals to requests that are deemed as spam or solicitations will be flagged and removed. If your pitch is intentionally directing traffic to an external site while providing little value to the community, you will be flagged. If your pitch is incorrectly described or irrelevant to the initial request, you will be flagged. VentureApp reserves the right to suspend any account based on questionable activity.
  2. Be Respectful – The VentureApp community is a collection of smart, successful professionals and should be treated as such. Any and all interactions that are deemed as disrespectful or out of line will be flagged and removed. VentureApp reserves the right to suspend any account based on disrespectful activity.
  3. No Fake Identities – Use your real name, real company name & company details, and real contact information when signing up and interacting on the platform.
  4. Disclose Affiliations – If your response to a request is to provide the services of your own company, disclose immediately your affiliation to the response. This will ensure the person who submitted the original request can clearly determine whether the response is unaffiliated. 
  5. Do Not Reply More Than Once – If you submit a pitch to a request and our solutions team will connect you to the business if it’s a good fit. 
  6. If You Are Questioning Whether Your Pitch is Spammy, It Probably Is – VentureApp is a network of top quality professionals, and our team is not only facilitating quality interactions on the platform but also monitoring interactions to ensure they maintain our expectations for quality. For instance, if you are an attorney with some limited knowledge regarding accounting or taxes, do not try to insert yourself into an accounting-focused question unless you are truly providing value. If your relation to the request or the relevance of your response is questionably tangential, err on the side of caution.

When in doubt, treat interactions on the platform as conversations you would have in-person with your connections. We welcome any questions you have regarding whether your response would be deemed “spam.” Feel free to reach out to us at with inquiries.