• March 1, 2017

VentureApp Chat: Scaling growth through partnerships, YouTube’s new live TV launch & Marketing automation

VentureApp Chat: Scaling growth through partnerships, YouTube’s new live TV launch & Marketing automation

Chat of the Day
If you read the tech media, it appears that scaling and growing a startup is a walk in the park – a simple overnight success, if you will. Companies always seem to simply “growth hack” their way to success and it can always be traced to some amazing insight and boom – UP AND TO THE RIGHT.

Well, for the folks on the ground, growth is the most challenging aspect of any company. Sure, getting off the ground is tough, acquiring your first 100 customers is also hard, but how about going from 100 to 10,000? Impossible – for most.

Jarrad Glennon is hopping on VentureApp today to talk 1:1 with you about making the impossible, possible. Jarrad is the chief growth officer at Workbar. Workbar is a perfect story of hustle, perseverance and some extremely well timed growth strategies. The company recently opened a handful of new locations and announced a major partnership with Staples. Watch out WeWork.

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Featured Status(es)
Check out a few of the hot topics being discussed this AM on VentureApp.

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Anyone? Send Jon a chat.


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Aggressive, and I like it.

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Let’s talk YouTube TV and our issues with AWS.

Office Hours
Another big week planned. Get them on your cal now and show up ready to go! (Sneak Peek – see all upcoming here)

Scaling Growth & Partnerships (Wednesday, March 1, at 2pm ET)

Jarrad Glennon is the Chief Growth at WorkBar and will be ready to chat about scaling your marketing strategy and growth hacking tips and tricks. Workbar is also looking for partners as it continues expanding its coworking business in New England.

Goldman Sachs to Startup (Thursday, March 2, at 1pm ET)
Chat with Haymakers for Hope founder Andrew Myerson on how his experience at business school and Goldman Sachs helped him start a company.

Networking in NYC (Thursday, March 2, at 4pm ET)
Chat with NIAH founder Tatiana Becker on how to scale your hiring practices and how to break into the NYC tech community.

The Ins & Outs of MassChallenge (Friday, March 3, at 11am ET)
Jibran Malek will be here to talk the ins and outs of MassChallenge. From their incredible resources like free office space and partners, Jibran and MassChallenge are must haves in your rolodex.

Innovation for All
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