• March 6, 2017

VentureApp Chat: Is SXSW still a must attend for the tech world?

VentureApp Chat: Is SXSW still a must attend for the tech world?

Chat of the Day
SXSW is a week away and I can’t help but ask the question – is it still a go-to for the tech world?

In the past, the conference has been the launchpad for some of the world’s biggest startups. And if you look at the website today, it looks like all of the major players will be there again. But if you ask around (like I did), it appears that the allure is diminishing.

Before I put it to bed, I need your help – are you planning on attending? Do you think that you can still launch a product at SXSW? And most importantly, is it still a go-to for the tech world?

Ok, on to today’s office hours.

If you’re looking to break into the startup community or advance your career, Startup Institute is the answer. SI has created a program to launch your career into the innovation economy and today you can get all of your questions answered. See you online.

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Again, quick thanks to everyone who reached out and connected their networks on VA last week. For those that didn’t, we compiled a quick blog post to answer some of the most common q’s.

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Last week, we (read: you) set records in both active users and messages sent. So let’s take a look at the top 10 chat statuses of last week.

If you don’t feel like clicking to see them all (just do it, though), they came from Marc from Silk Screen Printing, Jason from Prepare for VC, Drew from Betrspot, Rhiannon from Deep Core Data, Rich from Skoda Minotti, Kevin from Flux+Flow, Jon from digitaljolt, Matt from Mobius, Jay from Boston Startups Guide and Stephen from Specific Gravity Group.

Side note – if you ever have any questions on statuses or how we select the featured folks, chat me anytime!

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Next week is filling up. Get them on your cal now and show up ready to go!

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