• February 27, 2017

VentureApp Chat: Accelerating growth through PR & Amazon making brick and mortar cool again

VentureApp Chat: Accelerating growth through PR & Amazon making brick and mortar cool again

And the Oscar goes to… PWC… for finally making the dream of announcing the wrong winner a reality. Although, somewhere out there, people will find a way to blame the Pats #envelopegate. Let’s go Monday.

Chat of the Day
Amazon is set to open a brick and mortar store near Boston tomorrow (NY and NJ, very soon). Yes, the company that successfully put bookstores out of business is now opening one of its own.

Now, brick and mortar stores aren’t entirely interesting but how they’re planning on using data in the store is.

Rather than seeing a hodgepodge of best sellers and new releases, these stores will use its customer ratings, sales and geo specific data to stock the shelves. The goal is to provide a better user experience and of course a super targeted list of books – similar to the current “You Might Like” feature on Amazon’s ecommerce site today.

Now, I think this is a horrible idea. Bookstores went out of business for a reason and they should stay out of business – we’re living in an increasingly paperless world. Having said that, everything is cyclical and Amazon might have just made brick and mortar cool again.

And now, I’ll open it up to you…

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Love to hear your thoughts, chat them to me.

Featured Status
Here are a couple of chat statuses that caught my eye this AM.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.16.28 AM.png
This is a great question. How do you get into the zone at work? Does music do it? I can’t imagine watching a movie would, but, who knows? Send a chat invite to get the convo started.

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Love tofu Pad Thai but have no idea what Kevin is talking about. My guess is Top Of the FUnnel…but I’ll send him a chat later to find out.

Office Hours
Another big week planned. Get them on your cal now and show up ready to go!

Getting the most out of PR (Monday, Feb 27, at 1pm ET)
Kyle Austin has worked on nailing PR strategies for some of Boston’s most high profile startups. He’ll be speaking 1:1 and taking your questions on how to accelerate growth through PR.

Getting involved with StartHub (Tuesday, Feb 28, at 1pm ET)
Melissa Yee is the Program Director at StartHub and will be ready to discuss how to leverage the resources of the City of Boston and VentureCafe for your business. Her 1:1 was highly requested so make sure to sign on early!

Scaling Growth (Wednesday, March 1, at 2pm ET)

Jarrad Glennon is the Chief Growth at WorkBar and will be ready to chat about scaling your marketing strategy and growth hacking tips and tricks. This is a great time to chat 1:1 and get into the nitty gritty with another marketing expert.

Innovation for All
At VentureApp, we are trying to make the innovation economy more accessible to a larger population of people. If you’re interested in joining our mission, sign up here to host an office hours of your own.

Thanks for coming out.