• March 23, 2017

VA Chat: Unicorn Watch, Venture Storytelling & Booking Appointments in Instagram

VA Chat: Unicorn Watch, Venture Storytelling & Booking Appointments in Instagram

You’ll soon be able to book an appointment directly through Instagram. Zuckerberg just found another way to monetize mobile and shatter the street’s expectations.

Chat of the Day
The hills (actually the valley in this case) are alive with the sound of term sheets… as YC Demo Day just wrapped up. Over 100 startups just pitched a who’s who of tech celebs over the last two days and now everyone is on unicorn watch. I love and hate this at the same time, but TC did an amazing job at covering the startups, so check it out.

Speaking of tech celebs… today’s office hours host is the real deal. Mike Troiano is the CMO of Actifio, a billion dollar company based here in MA. He’s also an LP in venture capital firm G20 Ventures, a board member of NEVCA, a TechStars mentor and an advisor to a handful of startups. In his previous life he’s been a founder, CEO, president and worked at top agencies.

Mike is one of the most connected folks in tech and is best know for his storytelling ability – he’s the king of branding.

Sign up now and don’t miss this opportunity to get in front of Mike.

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Featured Status(es)
Here are a few of the most active chat status this AM.

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That’s some deep stuff right there.

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Who wants to be on TV?

Office Hours
This week is filling up. Get them on your cal now and show up ready to go!
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