• March 15, 2017

VA Chat: Understanding Sales & Marketing Data, Boston Cos at SXSW & Slack Calls

VA Chat: Understanding Sales & Marketing Data, Boston Cos at SXSW & Slack Calls

For those that asked…here’s a list of Boston companies at SXSW this week. Also, a number of folks reached out and Slack is the clear winner (obviously) for snow day connectivity. However, I had no idea you could call people in Slack and that’s a game changer.

Chat of the Day
Information is power…if used correctly. If not, you end up in analysis paralysis, spinning the wheels right off your strategy. And companies these days are obsessed with data. Big data, small data, give me some data.

So what do you do with all that data? Like I said, analysis paralysis is a real thing, a devastating thing. But lucky for us, we have an analytical wizard lined up to chat on VA today.

Jonah Lopin, founder and CEO of Crayon, knows a thing or two about data. He’s done stints at Deloitte, MIT Sloan and HubSpot, before starting Crayon. Crayon tracks 117 million web pages across 7.4 million domains spanning 2.3 million companies, and uses a variety of machine learning techniques to produce insights that are actionable in sales and marketing.

He’ll be online this morning ready to take any and all of your questions. Get ready!

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Featured Status(es)
Let’s take a look at a few of the most active statuses this AM… starting with mine…

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Steve is open for business, folks.

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Snow day humor….LOVE THAT.

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Let’s hear it ecommerce folks.

Office Hours
This week is filling up. Get them on your cal now and show up ready to go!

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Innovation for All
At VentureApp, we are trying to make the innovation economy more accessible to a larger population of people. If you’re interested in joining our mission, sign up here to host an office hours of your own.

Thanks for coming out.