• March 20, 2017

VA Chat: TechCrunch vs Product Hunt – Who Drives the Most Traffic?

VA Chat: TechCrunch vs Product Hunt – Who Drives the Most Traffic?

First day of Spring. Go get it.

Chat of the Day
Last week, we announced our fundraise in TechCrunch and then found ourselves listed in Product Hunt. It was a whirlwind of press that resulted in our highest week of traffic (daily active users, sign ups, etc) to date.

The spikes in traffic aren’t super surprising, as TC and PH are known for it. But how valuable are they?

We dove into our numbers and published a detailed blog post about it. Check it out – TechCrunch vs Product Hunt – who drives more buzz? Sneak peak, it was the exact opposite of what I thought it was going to be.


Speaking of buzz, we’ve already had a number of folks sign up over the weekend for today’s chat with the CEO of Ministry of Supply, Aman Advani.

Ministry has an incredible founding story and an even more incredible product. The company has raised $8 million to date, opened brick and mortar stores and created a national brand all in just a few years.

Get your questions ready and take advantage of this opportunity to get in front of Aman.

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