• March 13, 2017

VA Chat: Perfecting Your PR Strategy & Nailing That Pitch to TechCrunch

VA Chat: Perfecting Your PR Strategy & Nailing That Pitch to TechCrunch

When it comes to marketing, PR is still a major driver of success. And yet so many companies do it wrong – like terribly wrong. I mean, the easiest thing to control is your company’s branding. However, the hardest thing to control is the actual story.

Story is a funny word though. What does it really mean? After writing thousands of articles in my past life (BostInno), I can probably count on 4-5 hands (if I had that many) the number of truly amazing stories from startups. Stories that evoke emotion, stories that drive me to sign up, login, download, get involved, read more, etc. And stories that will go national and be featured in Fortune, WSJ, NYT, and TechCrunch.

Even though I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field I am really excited for today’s office hours at 11. Melissa Cohen, a partner at Metis Communications, is here to dive into the nitty gritty on perfecting your story. She’s crafted the stories for successful startups like EqualLogic (acquired by Dell), WatchDox (acquired by BlackBerry), DataGravity, ClearSky Data, & more. She’s ready to answer questions on how to pitch journalists, how to land the homerun in TechCrunch and more importantly how to perfect your entire PR strategy. Put it on the cal and get ready.

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