• March 7, 2017

VA Chat: Facebook is looking to produce original tv-like content & Tips on selling to startups

VA Chat: Facebook is looking to produce original tv-like content & Tips on selling to startups

I’m not going to pull up my chat status from last week, but I will say that I told you so (read: in the nicest text possible) – SNAP popped then dropped 12% in its third day of trading to below its opening price of $24. Let’s go.

Chat of the Day
Earlier this year, we chatted about Apple’s foray into original programming (Planet of the Apps – don’t get me going), and now it looks like Zuck is following suit.

FB is apparently soliciting pitches for 30 minute long weekly tv like series – genres include sports, science, pop culture, etc. The effort is reportedly being spearheaded by former CollegeHumor founder Ricky Van Veen, who joined FB last year.

First off, LOVE THIS. As it is, I get hooked into the short produced videos on FB – mostly about food and cooking. Second, I just despise Facebook Live (hate it, waste of time), so hopefully this will deprioritize that and rid it from my feed.

So let’s chat about it

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Alright, big day today. Every week, a few folks chat me and ask the question – you’re in the tech world, so how do I sell to startups? I then go on to make a few intros to folks who are much smarter than me (just at sales though) and today I don’t have to do that.

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Put it on your cal – TODAY at 2pm.

Featured Status(es)
Check out a few of the hot topics being discussed this AM on VentureApp.

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Goes hand in hand with today’s office hours as well! Hit Bob up.

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