• July 19, 2016

The New VentureApp Experience for Vendors

The New VentureApp Experience for Vendors

Our CEO detailed important changes we made to the platform, which we designed first and foremost to improve the buyer experience to improve the quality and quantity of leads coming your way. We also included a few positive changes for vendors that you’ll notice immediately upon logging in (log in now if you haven’t yet).

Here’s a quick overview of the changes complete with screenshots:

New Offers Section

An Offers section for buyers now presents a big opportunity for vendors to proactively market their services. By ensuring your profile information is complete, you can have your company’s Offers presented to relevant buyers in their Dashboard upon login.

VentureApp Vendor Offers Screenshot

VentureApp Vendor Offers Page


New Personalized Dashboard

Upon logging in, a vendor will immediately land on their personalized Dashboard, surfacing blogs, content, a tutorial and glossary on how to use the platform and frequently used terms, so new or existing sellers on your team can better familiarize themselves with how VentureApp works. The vendor Dashboard also populates all notifications and alerts based on correspondence from a VentureApp account manager regarding relevant leads, or the buyer herself on leads that become opportunities.

VentureApp Vendor Dashboard Screenshot

VentureApp Vendor Dashboard


More Informed Leads Page

An important change that vendors will experience on the Leads page is more info on the buyer’s holistic purchasing needs. Vendors will now see other requests submitted by buyers for the purpose of understanding their purchasing stage, and also surfacing opportunities to network or provide recommendations to other service providers. We hope that by creating more opportunities for you to help buyers will increase the likelihood that they trust you with their own purchase in your category.

VentureApp Vendor Leads Screenshot

VentureApp Vendor Leads Page


Like what you see? Check out these updates today by logging in. Not already a VentureApp vendor? Click here to apply and one of our account executives will reach out.