• March 13, 2017

The Demand for Professional Chat (and $4M to Help Us Deliver It)

The Demand for Professional Chat (and $4M to Help Us Deliver It)


Today we announced that VentureApp secured a $4M investment, led by Ryan Moore at Accomplice with follow-on participation from Boston Seed Capital, Fullstack Ventures, and several prominent angel investors. You can read all the details here in this TechCrunch article, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

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Raising capital isn’t easy and many startups don’t make it past the seed stage, so we’re thankful for the capital and pumped to keep tackling the massive opportunity to connect users with their extended professionals networks through web and mobile chat.

First things first – I’m proud of our team for getting us to this point and eager to keep building all that we have planned for VentureApp. When the co-founders from Streetwise Media and Dailybreak joined forces a little less than two years ago, we had a vision & mission to more easily connect professionals in the innovation economy and each day we’re getting closer to reaching that goal.

As most of you know, we started with a simple email address to test our theory that professionals, specifically at startups, need help connecting to people outside their immediate network. Folks hit us up on that email and our point was proven. Today we have grown to a team of ~30 with a phenomenal product operation. Our professional chat platform has users from several thousand businesses in Boston and NYC since we launched VentureApp 2.0.

The community of professionals on VentureApp are some of the best in business. Our power users are the leaders of the innovation economy and our community will do anything to help create value for one another – whether it’s helping finding technical talent, sharing marketing strategies, connecting their best clients and partners to each other, etc.

We’re passionate about making professionals like that more successful and more accessible. There are quite a bit of barriers to joining and succeeding as part of the innovation economy and having access to the right people is one of them. We believe increased accessibility will give more people access to the benefits of the innovation economy.

And, we’re confident that the features and functionality we have on the roadmap will make this easier and more enjoyable. I won’t share too much now, but we’re heads down on building out our platform to make networking available at your fingertips.

We’re looking forward to a great year. If you have any questions or feedback for us – or you just want to give us a virtual high five – connect with me on VentureApp.

Chat soon,