• April 24, 2016

Survey: Consumers Want to Message Businesses [Infographic]

Survey: Consumers Want to Message Businesses [Infographic]

This blog was contributed to VentureApp by Beth Thouin, head of marketing at Smooch.io, a company that provides unified multi-channel messaging for businesses, bots and software makers.

​Messaging is the latest business and customer support craze, and for good reason. There are over 3 billion people are messaging worldwide. And according to a Gallup poll, millennials would rather message than have a phone conversation.

Why? Well, messaging is fast, convenient and simply the way people prefer to communicate in a fast-paced world.

Our business helps businesses solve their messaging challenges. Given our mission, we wanted to know how consumers felt about messaging businesses, so we asked 450 US consumers. The response was overwhelmingly positive for an emerging market like messaging. While only 35% of respondents have already messaged a business, 65% said they WANT to be able to do so.

Check out our infographic to see why consumers want to message, who they want to message and their willingness to pay for a product/service over messaging.

Smooch.io Consumer Survey

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