• March 2, 2016

Solution Providers Guide: Web Development

Solution Providers Guide: Web Development

The VENTUREAPP platform collects data from solution providers, experts and businesses interacting on our marketplace. We are presenting this data to help determine the top solution providers, as referred or used by businesses on our network.

Finding a solid web development firm to create your online presence is incredibly important. Digital properties have become the face of companies and enable you to interact with customers from anywhere. Further, user expectations have never been higher for a solid UI/UX experience online. We want to help you get it right the first time by presenting you with the top web development & design firms based on data we see on our platform.

This way, we give you a head start by doing the legwork and sieving through the many options for vendors, and connecting them to the right fit for their business.

As our network grows, we will be adding to this list. We encourage your input and recommendations so we can treat this as a living & breathing document and resource. If you have experiences with any of these firms – positive or negative – that you’d like to share, we welcome that input as well.

Top Web Development Solution Providers

altrThis firm provides product, marketing and service strategy, from a team of strategists, “creatives”, UX architects, designers, writers, and techno-maniacs that practice a thoughtfully fast, lean approach.

Ben Jen Holdings LLC – A local business & technology consultant who can help you with your web development project. Ben Jen holds many certifications and obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from Bay State College in Boston, MA, and is actively pursuing his Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Blue LunaThey deliver fully integrated creative for web and print leveraging emerging technologies. They have years of experience in design, development and marketing, working with a diverse group of clients.

BlueshiftPython experts that help entrepreneurs validate, build, and grow, high quality products in a way that is both fast, and cost effective.

Broadway Lab – iOS, Android and web development in Austin, TX. Mobile-first software development for any organization.

CantinaCantina provides digital design and development services for seed or Series-A startups. They can help with defining a product idea with the base requirements for a successful launch, sketches, prototypes, or wireframes of the initial release, or a rough staffing plan to help you build your team.

ChimiChurriChimiChurri helps founders launch web businesses more efficiently. You can drastically reduce the time, cost, and skills needed to build and launch your web business with their product building platform (Chimi) and services team (Churri), all without sacrificing quality, flexibility, or ownership.

CLEAR Design LabCLEAR Design Lab is a small team of designers, engineers and artists (yes, artists) dedicated to building products the right way, right from the start. They love the tricky, the technical, and designing for complex constraints in a way that makes the end product beautifully simple.

Clink IT – Clink I.T. Solutions is a Microsoft Partner and Software Services company that provides top-of-the-line I.T. solutions and expertise on a wide range of implementations from simple web design to sophisticated software solutions. Their clients have full access to these service to leverage their success. They offer fresh and creative ideas that transcend mundane implementations and haphazardly assembled I.T. infrastructures.

Dom & TomDom and Tom is an award winning, end-to-end digital product development studio that creates custom apps designed to succeed. From startups to enterprise solutions, the apps they produce for clients support their strategic initiatives and deliver tangible business results. Collaborate with their ‘Do Good, Be Good’ culture focused on forward-thinking user experiences, engaging design, and cross platform development for mobile, web, and emerging technologies.

East Coast ProductEast Coast Product is the fastest and most efficient way to build your digital product. Their team provides you with the discovery, design and development strategy to get your project off the ground.

Endurance InternationalEndurance International Group is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: EIGI) technology company that helps power small and medium-sized businesses online. Through its proprietary cloud platform, Endurance provides web presence solutions including web hosting, eCommerce, eMarketing and mobile business tools to approximately 4.5 million subscribers around the globe.

Foundation Lab – Foundation Lab is a collection of highly-skilled and business strategists, designers and technologists who provide expert consulting and development services to entrepreneurial organizations of all sizes. Using a lean strategy process, deep experience, and a global network of talented specialists, they produce outstanding digital products and experiences that solve critical business problems. The Foundation Lab methodology ensures that challenges and goals are clearly identified, validated, and measurable so that results are effective and contribute to furthering our client’s progress towards success.

Ideometry – a Boston-based agency that jump-starts your marketing, extends your brand, and builds full-scale campaign strategies that create engagement, generate leads, and drive sales. Ideometry provides web development and works with companies of all sizes, across all verticals, and as strategic partners with select agencies.

InnopplA group of technologists specializing in Drupal, Magento, iOS and Android, helping companies with their web and mobile technology needs.

Intrepid.ioFounded in 2010, Intrepid is an end-to-end mobile design and development company with offices in Cambridge, MA and NYC. With expertise in insightful product strategy, well-crafted design and proficient development for iOS, Android, Back-End and Rails, they help companies, from startup to enterprise, boldly navigate their mobile future.

Jeff Woodruff – a Boston based Freelance Web Designer, Front End Developer & WordPress Developer focused on designing and developing creative, unique websites and mobile solutions.

Mobinett Interactive – Mobinett Interactive is a strategy, design & development firm with offices in Cambridge, MA, Austin, TX and Pune, India. With vast expertise in mobile, web and social technologies, Mobinett engages with clients to understand their vision, create a roadmap, design and bring awesome products to life. Products developed by Mobinett have launched across the world, received rave reviews in the media, and are used by Fortune 100 companies and startups.

MVPBLDBack-end devs, front-end devs, designers, marketers, and founders who have experience launching awesome products that people love. They believe that a minimal viable product (MVP) should be the first major step in validating an idea but also a well-thought mix of UI/UX/technology, not a raw attempt of what the product could look like after funding. They build MVPs to the highest standards, helping you identifying the core features while focusing on scalable infrastructures and beautiful design.

Neptune Web – Neptune Web is a full-service Boston-area interactive web agency and digital marketing firm with expertise in web design and development to create a market savvy presence.

Palatino Consulting – A small, Boston-based firm specializing in modern, accessible, widely compatible front-end web development. Founded by Rob Larsen in 2014, Palatino makes sense of modern web development by mixing deep technical knowledge with the practical experience earned over many years spent helping some of the world’s largest companies. If you’re looking for help with front end development; HTML/CSS/JavaScript training; front end development standards development or anything else that will help you navigate the sometimes scary world of the modern web, you’ve come to the right place.

Soap Effect StudiosSoap Effect Studios is a full service mobile and internet marketing agency offering businesses unique ways to position themselves in front of the growing mobile audience both locally and nationally. Cutting edge web design, banner ad campaigns and SMS marketing are just the basic services they offer. Their expertise spans advanced SEO, digital presence consulting, mobile app development and just about any other service that crosses the intersection of marketing, design and digital.

Stellaractive Website Design – Since 2007, Stellaractive has helped hundreds of businesses across the US and Canada find success through their websites. They start each website by developing a content strategy that looks at the best way to achieve your business goals for the website. Their websites are built to perform and they have hundreds of successful clients who recognize their websites as a part of their success. Stellaractive websites artfully tell the story of your business and they do exceptionally well in natural search results.

Svitla Systems – Custom software development is their core business, headquartered in San Francisco, California with development centers in Eastern Europe (Montenegro and Ukraine). Whether you are looking for consultants, designers, programmers or testers, they have great talent on board. Since their inception in 2003, they have served a variety of software and web application development projects ranging from start-ups in Silicon Valley to large educational institutions, such as Stanford University and to public companies, such as Monster Worldwide.

Techverx – Techverx is an outsourcing service provider specializing in web and mobile application development, ecommerce solutions and technology staffing, using technologies like Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Python/DJango, node.js, MEAN Stack, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, REST, .NET, C#, and C++. Techverx has applied agile methods and used the latest communication technologies to position itself as an extended development center of various businesses in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Since 2007, they have served a vast range of clients from small start-ups, digital companies to Fortune 200 companies.

The Gnar CompanyThe Gnar Company delivers foundational products built by people who believe in great craftsmanship and the power of process-driven development. They deliver high-value web and mobile software that enables our clients to succeed.

Wojo DesignWojo Design is a full-service digital agency that helps clients of all sizes with every element of their online marketing strategy and implementation. They provide a variety of services including web design, web development, and internet marketing.

XogitoThey build, operate, and advise, providing digital consulting, strategy, and implementation, with a mission to help businesses exceed their goals. Whether it’s data, RTB, ecommerce, adtech – they approach your needs within the larger technical landscape in full accord with best practices, emerging trends and forward thinking solutions.

ZAP DRDAn IT solution provider with a focus on iOS and Android mobile apps & games, responsive websites and e-commerce technologies to serve the people across the state, country, and world. Their goal is to provide our clients with unmatched quality and value for all of their needs.

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