• January 17, 2016

Solution Providers Guide: Social Media Marketing

Solution Providers Guide: Social Media Marketing

The VENTUREAPP platform collects data from solution providers, experts and businesses interacting on the network. We are presenting this data to help determine the top solution providers, as referred or used by businesses on our network.

To continue on with our posts regarding top solution providers in the marketing stack, such as content marketing providers, PR firms, and SEO/SEM providers, we are now touching on social media marketers. This list is representative of the data we see on our platform – the services, agencies & experts getting mentioned, used and referred by our businesses, in alphabetical order. We want to help professionals on our platform, giving them a head start by doing the legwork and sieving through the many options and connecting them to the right fit for their business.

As our network grows, we will be adding to this list both in Boston and in other geographies. We encourage your input and recommendations so we can treat this as a living & breathing document and resource. If you have experiences with any of these providers – positive or negative – that you’d like to share, we welcome that input as well.

Top Social Marketing Providers in Boston

190west – A full service digital marketing agency outside of Boston with social marketing offerings.

451 Marketing – A firm with experience across tech, B2B and B2C industries, 451 provides a wide range of integrated services, such as branding, PR, digital, etc. and that includes social marketing and syndication services.

Agency Byrnes – This firm helps clients know how and when to utilize social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to improve chances of connecting with influencers and customers online.

Beantown Media Ventures – With a steady stream of insightful branded content fueling a client’s efforts, BMV makes sure that their clients are part of these conversations that are happening around the clock on social. Whether it’s real-time marketing or driving mobile downloads on social, they’re ready to help.

Chimaera Labs – By knowing a client’s audience and their online behavior; leveraging relationships with influencers; creating timely, engaging, and relevant content; and tracking a campaign’s performance, Chimaera aims to build a social media campaign that works for a client’s goals and sparks conversations, increases awareness, and engages online audiences.

CM Communications – A social media marketing agency with services that include: social media marketing strategy, campaign planning and execution, content creation, channel setup & optimization, ongoing community management, social media training and social media advertising.

DPA Communications – In the ever-changing landscape of social media, DPA has a strong grip on the world of new media practices, and is entrenched in creating, launching and maintaining dynamic social media channels for clients.

Full Contact A full service multi-channel ad agency that specializes in deepening the engagement and broadening the appeal between brands and consumers through award-winning creative. Founded in 2006, the Boston-based agency covers every touch point there is — digital, social, mobile, broadcast, print, out-of-home and promotions — for a remarkable variety of regional, national and global brands.

KD Media – Knowing that A dedicated social media presence will help clients attract the right customers and reflect what is truly different about them, KD Media helps clients identify and engage on a meaningful level with audiences through both strategy and daily execution.

Ideometry – a Boston-based, full-service, digital marketing agency that works directly with a client to jump-start their marketing, extend their brand, and build full-scale campaign strategies that create engagement, generate leads, and drive sales, with social playing a part in that.

Magnetude Consulting – From web design and social media to SEO, Magnetude can help evolve or revamp a client’s website and online presence to broaden their imprint across the social and digital ecosystem. They help identify the right social and digital channels to engage a client’s audience and build programs to generate leads and build awareness.

March PR – A PR firm that also provides digital & social media strategy with: Social Media Training & Enablement; Social Media Channel Management; Growth & Engagement Strategy; Social Media Selling; and Native Advertising.

Marino Organization – By immersing themselves in the world of social media, The Marino Organization remains on the cutting edge – and able to guide clients through a constantly-shifting digital landscape while ensuring they are effectively harnessing the tools at their disposal, and initiating, implementing, and administering a client’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social networking sites.

Metis Communications – Metis is a communications firm that builds intelligent, measurable social media programs that spark valuable conversations, engage industry influencers and build a client’s reputation.

Overdrive Interactive – Overdrive’s end-to-end social media marketing approach goes way beyond building up a base of Facebook fans. They blend the power of social into everything a client does by building community, engaging customers and prospects, weaving content into the traffic of the web and driving it home with tracking, reporting and marketing objectives that result in stronger brands and measurable ROI.

Resound Marketing – A communications marketing firm that creates winning social strategies to engage audiences and amplify their clients’ brands. They help clients turn what is often considered a time-suck into a savvy marketing tool.

Scratch – A marketing innovation agency that provides strategic social media audits, social media strategy, social media training, execution and support for: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Slideshare.

SVM – A PR and marketing firm that also helps clients with social media program planning and social media releases.

Tier One PR – A well known firm in Boston with services that run the gamut from traditional and social media relations to syndicated content campaigns to special events to visual storytelling and more.

Up and Social – A Boston web design & digital marketing agency, they hand-craft creative website designs & custom social media marketing plans for compelling brand and internet identities.

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