• March 30, 2016

Solution Providers Guide: IT & Telecom Services

Solution Providers Guide: IT & Telecom Services

The VENTUREAPP platform collects data from solution providers, experts and businesses interacting on our marketplace. We are presenting this data to help determine the top solution providers, as referred or used by businesses on our network.

If you are looking for IT, internet & telecom services right now, you’re probably cruising Google or asking your peers what local provider helped them (and are they affordable, right?).  It’s a must-have solution for your business – any startup these days needs internet, phone and IT services to get through each hour – yet, finding the best solution for your business might not be on the top of your to-do list. We took a look at the best IT & telecom service providers being used or recommended on our platform.

This way, we give you a head start by sieving through the many options to find those with the best reputation for startups of various sizes and stages. We encourage your input and recommendations so we can treat this as a living & breathing document and resource. If you have experiences with any of these solution providers – positive or negative – that you’d like to share, we welcome that input as well.

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Top IT & Telecom Service Providers

AT&T – We’ll highlight a few of the big guys here. AT&T focuses their small business IT and telecom services for small businesses around: Mobility, Innovation and Transformation, and Security and Business Continuity. They aim to help avoid lost data, network disruptions, and underperforming technology, including devices and other equipment. Not sure whether they fit into your business requirements? Submit a request & we’ll do the legwork for you.

Beacon Telecom – Beacon provides unified communications solutions including phone, voicemail, fax, email, instant messaging, video/web conferencing and more. Based in Canton, MA, their client base is diverse including professional services, law firms, major medical institutions, high tech, financial institutions, and more, in addition to government agencies. Submit a request if you want to find out more about Beacon.

Blue LAN Group (BLG) – BLG is an information technology company founded in 2003 with a vision to provide clients with the best in technical support and strategic guidance. They offer IT services in MA, NH and NY and deliver powerful solutions and services to meet the individual needs of their clients. BLG is committed to helping their clients make efficient and effective business gains with today’s computer and communications technologies. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

Continental Resources – ConRes is a total IT solution and services provider. With over 50 professional service solution engineers on staff, they possess the technical knowhow to drive any on-prem or public cloud project. Partnering with the best technology manufacturers in the world, they will tailor a custom solution to fit all of your needs. Reduce costs, maximize your tech spend, and enable your business to innovate and thrive. ConRes is also a specialized AWS partner that can help reduce your shadow IT costs. And can design and implement a fast and stable network to backbone your organization. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

CNP Technologies – Founded in 1995, CNP Technologies provides Unified Communications, network integration services, and cloud services to clients throughout the US. CNP provides high-quality on-site and remote support services, led by a team of engineers with over 150 years of combined information technology experience. The company maintains this edge by working closely with leading technology partners and continuous training. They aim to eliminate their clients’ technology worries. CNP is an industry-leading ShoreTel IP Telephony Systems Provider and twelve-time Circle of Excellence Award winner as well as a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with a focus on virtualization technologies. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

EarthLink (EarthLink Holdings Corp., NASDAQ: ELNK) – EarthLink is a leading network services provider dedicated to delivering great customer experiences in a cloud connected world. They help thousands of multi-location businesses securely establish critical connections in the cloud. EarthLink’s solutions for cloud and hybrid networking, security and compliance, and unified communications provide the cost-effective performance and agility to serve customers anytime, anywhere, via any channel, or any device. They operate a nationwide network spanning 29,000+ fiber route miles, with 90 metro fiber rings and secure data centers that provide ubiquitous data and voice IP coverage. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

Kevin P. Martin & Associates, P.C.This firm follows these four words, “Business Ideas at Work,” very closely, affecting how they approach everything as a firm. To them, it means understanding their clients’ businesses so well that they are able to provide objective and keen insight, as well as practical and well thought out solutions to help clients to both manage risk and create growth opportunities. The firm provides assurance, business advisory, risk, compliance & IT advisory, and tax services. Specifically, for businesses that need very secure environments, KPM specializes in designing and implementing business intelligence tools, overseeing large scale migrations, building controlled and compliant IT environments and a variety of other technology initiatives designed to make your organization more efficient and effective. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

RCN – A familiar choice in Boston, these bigger players offer a host of choices in products and solutions in voice, data and video, as well as diverse contract options. We can do more research for you if you want – submit a request and let us know.

Wicked Bandwidth – A new Internet Service Provider in Boston offering business fiber-based Internet. They take a building-centric approach so check to see if it’s right for your office situation – or we can help you do the research, just submit a request.

Wiresurfer – Wiresurfer is a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects business telecom users to top telecom carriers. Their service allows businesses to find the right telecom services for their needs and lock-in the best pricing deals available. They will find you multiple competitive offers from the top carriers on high speed business Internet, VOIP, land lines, long distance, data, mobile, conferencing… whatever you need. No fees. No nonsense. Inquire with VENTUREAPP about pricing.

XO Communications – For companies throughout the Boston area, XO offers a wide range of different networking and communications services such as IP voice, ethernet, cloud-based solutions, internet access, and more. Need help researching XO? Submit a request and we’ll handle the legwork for you.

Are we missing any service providers that you recommend?

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