• January 24, 2017

Smarter Connections: 5 Recommendations from Phil Beauregard

Smarter Connections: 5 Recommendations from Phil Beauregard


In business, your reputation and the reputation of others drives the connections you make and the network you build. In our Smarter Connections content series, we will talk with some of the most prominent influencers in our community to learn more about their network, their recommendations, and who & what helps them in business.

First up, we sat down with Phil Beauregard, 2x founder, angel investor, and Unpitch organizer. Phil has deep roots in Boston tech. He founded and sold two companies (Rekindle and Objective Logistics), he’s an active angel investor, and stealthily working on his next venture. Phil primarily invests seed money into East Coast-based technology companies and also organizes Unpitch, a day of casual, no pressure networking with investors, designed to change up the typical demo day approach. Learn more about Phil and who he counts on in business with these 5 quick questions.

Want to chat with Phil directly? Connect with him on his VentureApp profile.

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Use 140 characters to sum up your startup experience to-date.

PB: I’m a reformed finance nerd who started my first company in 2008. I’ve started and sold two tech companies, invest, and mentor in the space.

Name 2-3 people who helped you get to where you are today & how.

PB: My co-founder of both companies, Matt Grace, a techie extraordinaire has been my brother-in-arms throughout the journey. Other than that, I’ve had amazing colleagues and mentors that I can now call friends. It’s hard to mention just a few, but Jeff Fagnan, Rich Miner, and Steve Papa have all been instrumental in my growth as a human.

Name 2-3 people who you recommend that every entrepreneur talk to when starting out in business in Boston & why.

PB: Again, extremely hard to narrow this one down, but I’d start out by chatting with Lee Hower, Jennifer Lum, and Dave Balter. The diversity of perspective and pure ability to steer a budding entrepreneur in the right direction would be synergistically uncanny if you were able to get some time with all three of these folks.

Name 2-3 businesses that you love to work/partner with & why.

PB: I think it’s important to find the right investors to partner with, first and foremost, if you’re going down the funding path. There are a number of great shops in Boston and a bunch of exciting newcomers. I’m obviously biased towards people I’ve worked with in the past (Google Ventures, Accomplice, NextView), but I also have a ton of friends at other firms that I’d work with in a heartbeat.

As far as companies I admire at the moment, I love what PillPack, DraftKings, and HubSpot are doing. I’d say I favor businesses that have great people, and those three are top-notch from the boardroom to the assembly line floor. VentureApp ain’t so bad either 😉

Since you organize Unpitch, share a tip(s) on fundraising in Boston in 140 characters or less.

PB: Be honest, be honorable, be respectful, be mission-driven, listen, be on time. Keep learning. There’s gold in every conversation you have.

Want to chat with Phil directly? Connect with him on his VentureApp profile.