• February 15, 2017

Planet of the Apps and Trending Startup Chatter

Planet of the Apps and Trending Startup Chatter

Every day on VentureApp, people chat with their business network about various topics and we host Office Hours, giving our users a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with influencers, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors. Here’s what we’re chatting about today…

TOD (topic of the day) 

Apple’s mojo is back and get ready for some more courageous moves (insert joke on removing headphone jack).

The company is trading at an all time high and news just broke that Warren Buffet increased his stake in Apple from $2 billion to $7 billion. In addition, leaks of iPhone 8 are already drawing buzz, we know Apple is entering the autonomous car race to the bottom AND (what’s most exciting) is their entrance into original content and media – think Netflix like.

Apple announced that they’re launching a new original show called “Planet of the Apps,” basically SharkTank for the app store. Aside from this being the worst idea ever – it actually makes me want to throw my Macbook at the wall – I’m very excited about what’s next.

I’m done with bundled Comcast and bullish on unbundled Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple, and more ORIGINAL content.

That’s it for now, let’s catch up on VentureApp this afternoon on whether you think Apple has what it takes to enter original content/media space.


Couple great chats happening as I write this. Check ’em out on VentureApp:

  • Jason L. – Can chat about anything related to global currency markets and multinational currency risk.
  • Alex L. – Any good marketing design workshops or courses in the Boston area that you’d recommend? Would love to hear from you.
  • Tatiana B. – I’d love to hear about your recruiting challenges – at the very least, happy to offer a few free tips from my time at AppNexus and Etsy.
  • Artur S. – Looking for some friendly advice on pitch deck design.
  • Prasanna M. – Interested in learning about start up scenario in Metro Boston area…what is hot these days? Anyone has crystal ball?

Office Hours

Scaling sales and startup growth tactics (Thursday, February 16, at 11 am ET)
Sales at an early stage startup is both an art and a science, testing various channels, strategies, and tactics until you find the lever that spurs growth and drives sales. Shonak Patel, head of growth for Testive, is online answering one-on-one questions and sharing how he’s scaled a sales operation with specific growth tactics.

Digital Marketing Q&A for Startups (Friday, February 17, at 10 am ET)
Feeling overwhelmed by all the marketing strategies and growth tactics that your business should be tackling at various stages of development? It’s overwhelming, for sure, which is why we invited Cort Daviesa startup marketing & growth consulant on for a one-on-one office hours. Ask him anything to help guide your specific business growth strategy.

Bootstrapping with no VC (Wednesday, February 22, at 11 am ET)
Wondering how to make your business work without capital from outside investors? Pat Campbell, co-founder & CEO at Price Intelligently, is hosting office hours to chat with folks about bootstrapping a startup and taking it to the money with no VC. An important part of this conversation is obviously your pricing strategy so bring all your questions.

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