• February 16, 2017

LinkedBook or FaceIn? Job Postings Coming to Zuck’s World

LinkedBook or FaceIn? Job Postings Coming to Zuck’s World

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TOD (topic of the day) 

It’s about time Facebook entered the job market and took a few more jabs at LinkedIn but this is going to fall flat. Once the initial excitement wears out, this is headed for the deep end of the deadpool.

Now, that my opinion is out of the way (for now), let’s talk facts (not alternative facts). According to Recode, employers can post jobs to their FB pages, users can apply (with pre-populated FB info) and then the employer and applicant can communicate through the entire application process with messenger.

I get that FB is a MONSTER network – over a billion people check it everyday. I also get that employers are already promoting jobs on FB. I have even shared job postings on Facebook (BUT linked to AngelList, or Lever, or whatever).

But Facebook is a social network not a professional network. Facebook is an amazing place to post photos of my niece and nephew and an even better place to comment on super old and embarrassing photos of my college roommates. It’s NOT a place to host and run a recruiting and job application process. Great place to maybe promote that you’re hiring, but terrible place to message applicants back and forth through their awkward messenger.

Ok, that’s it for now, let’s chat on VentureApp this afternoon on whether you think Zuck can really tap into the messy world of recruiting and job postings.


Couple great chats happening as I write this. Check ’em out.

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Office Hours 

Digital marketing Q&A for startups (Friday, February 17, at 10 am ET)
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Starting a business based on your strengths (Tuesday, February 21, at 2 pm ET)
Vinayak Ranade is the CEO & founder of Drafted, a referral-based recruiting app w/ seed money from Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed, BOSS, e-commerce incubator Launch, and Blade, the former fund co-founded by Paul English. Vinayak found his strengths at Kayak, leading the company’s mobile app engineering team w/ a strong knack for recruiting… the rest is history. Chat with him one-on-one during his office hours about his experiences along the way!

Bootstrapping with no VC (Wednesday, February 22, at 11 am ET)
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