• April 7, 2017

Introducing VentureApp Networks: Private & Exclusive Groups for Founders, Executives, and Experts

Introducing VentureApp Networks: Private & Exclusive Groups for Founders, Executives, and Experts

On the heels of a $4M investment from Accomplice and the launch of our iOS app, we’re excited to announce VentureApp Networks – private & exclusive groups for founders, executives, and experts to chat and make introductions to one another.

We launched this feature for a number of reasons. For one, by building a chat platform for professionals, we recognize that our most successful users will be connectors in business, the centers of influence, the community builders… they are the users who love to network and believe in the power of an intro or referral in business.

VentureApp Networks, in their simplest form, enable users to organize business contacts into relevant groups – utilizing our 1:1 and small group chat format in order to have meaningful conversations and make powerful introductions to network members.

It speaks to our mission – we want to make the innovation economy accessible to all. By creating and joining Networks, influencers can do more to increase the openness of our community and users can more easily access those influencers relevant to them by location, industry, expertise, etc.

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It’s early but we’re already seeing a few Networks take shape – “Top Marketers in Boston,” with some of the most notable CMOs and growth professionals in the city (i.e. Mike Troiano, CMO of Actifio and GP at G20, and Sarah Hodges, partner at Pillar VC and former founder of Intelligent.ly and Smarterer), and “VentureApp Office Hour Alums,” a who’s who of business leaders and investors who take part in our daily Office Hours. Networks create long tail opportunities for these folks to continue to connect and make introductions online – the networking possibilities are endless.

We see a few strong use cases for Networks:

  • Peer Networks: Like-minded professionals can share ideas, tips, best practices, etc.
  • Referral Networks: Movers and shakers can connect to share referrals, make introductions, and grow their businesses.
  • Event Networks: Event organizers can invite attendees to join their Network to be in contact before and after the event. This ensures attendees and sponsors will get more long term value all under the umbrella of the event organizer.
  • Portfolio Networks: Investors can host their portfolio companies in a Network so they can connect, alleviating the investor of having to make individual email intros or announcements.
  • Account Networks: Businesses can organize communications between relevant team members and their clients. With the rise in demand for chat and immediate access to customer success, businesses can adopt a real-time communication solution that keeps all contacts on the same page.

I spoke with Kelly O’Brien, the tech reporter at the Boston Business Journal, about the importance of giving everyone access to the innovation economy, and the potential to do so with professional chat and VentureApp Networks. You can read his take here (paywall).

I hope you’ll try it out and create a Network today. Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with Networks now. Let us know what you think.