• July 19, 2016

Introducing Important Updates to the VentureApp Web App Experience

Introducing Important Updates to the VentureApp Web App Experience

We are constantly making improvements to the VentureApp platform, including both our front end web app and Houston, the management platform on the backend that helps us facilitate requests from buyers to connect with vendors. Some of these improvements are noticeable and some are quietly happening in the background to always better the experience for buyers and sellers, but all of these changes are based on what we are hearing from you – our users.

Today we’re excited to announce new updates to our web app for both buyers and sellers. Included in these updates are:

  • A cleaner, more streamlined user interface for both buyers and vendors
  • A dashboard for buyers to connect more easily with their business advisor and vendors and better request management features
  • An update to our mobile experience for both buyers and vendors
  • New search functionality for buyers to search services
  • Users will immediately notice some updates to our interface that overall represent our goal of making the process of choosing a vendor as efficient as possible.

We think these changes will make your experience with VentureApp even better, but don’t take my word for it, log in (or sign up) and try it out. Below you will also find more detailed information on the changes for both buyers and vendors.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on things we can be doing better, please let us know.

For Buyers (click here to view detailed changes to the buyer experience)

Buyers will notice a change to the overall look and feel of the platform when they log into VentureApp. The reason? We want to provide a clean, familiar experience. Since the beginning, buyers have leveraged our platform as they would any other SaaS investment, so we want the platform to look and feel like the SaaS platforms they use everyday. Still 100% free to buyers, the platform is now designed in a way that we feel better enables our users to take action, prioritize, and organize their requests for vendor connections.

We’ve made it easier and more intuitive for users to find the solution providers that match their business needs and goals by creating a personalized dashboard upon login, a search function, better request management on the company level, and improved chat functionality to fit a user’s individual preferences.

For more details and product screenshots, head over to our buyer tutorial blog to learn more or log in to check it out.

For Vendors (click here to view detailed changes to the supplier experience)

Similarly for vendors, a distinct change can be seen to the look and feel of the platform from a design perspective. The majority of changes for vendors are designed to enable vendors to proactively market their offerings and navigate and respond to leads with more intelligence from VentureApp. This makes the experience more effective for vendors, therefore creating a more seamless experience for buyers.

We’ve created a personalized dashboard for vendors when they login, complete with relevant alerts and notifications, more information on buyer purchasing to increase the likelihood that vendors can help buyers outside of their own areas of expertise, and more proactive marketing opportunities for vendors in the form of offers, now more prominently displayed to buyers.

For more details and product screenshots, head over to our vendor tutorial blog to learn more or log in to check it out. (Not already a VentureApp vendor? Click here to apply and one of our account executives will reach out.)

Our goal is to create the world’s best B2B buying experience. These ongoing, incremental improvements to the platform are important steps to get us to our goal.

But, the development of our ideas and opinions to build that experience are only as good as the buyers and vendors who leverage the platform and share their feedback. As always, we appreciate your support and welcome the opportunity to discuss your feedback.

VentureApp Dashboard Screenshot

New VentureApp Dashboard