• July 20, 2016

How VentureApp Helped ButcherBox Reach 850% of its Crowdfunding Goal

How VentureApp Helped ButcherBox Reach 850% of its Crowdfunding Goal

  • Mike Salguero ButcherBox VentureApp Case StudyCompany: ButcherBox
    ButcherBox delivers 100% grassfed beef to your doorstep. It became a quick success, smashing its Kickstarter expectations in 30 days. 
  • Industry: B2C monthly subscription food delivery service
  • Buyer: Mike Salguero, CEO and co-founder – two-time founder who ran a team of 30 and raised $25M+ in venture funding for his former business, CustomMade. Went full time on ButcherBox after scaling down that business.
  • VentureApp and ButcherBox By the Numbers: – 12 Requests for Vendor Solutions – Saved weeks of time during a 2-3 month launch period (80% of time normally devoted to research, admin, etc.)
  • Near immediate value to ButcherBox: $150,000 – VentureApp efforts contributed to more than 75% of Kickstarter funds, raising 850% of goal (goal – $25,000, raised – $210,000)

Before VentureApp

While Mike started and ran a web business prior to ButcherBox, he was now a one-man show turning his side project into a full-time business with a tight deadline to crowdfund the capital he needed to move forward. To put it simply, there was a lot of work to do and partners to find to help him do it, and simply not enough time to do it alone.

With VentureApp

Mike was intrigued about the extra support he could receive from VentureApp for free. He scheduled a consultation with his own personal business advisor and together they quickly identified a dozen solutions he needed immediately to get his business off the ground in the quick amount of time determined by his Kickstarter campaign. VentureApp got to work immediately, saving Mike weeks of time by making direct intros to vendors that fit his goals, budget and criteria. In the end, Mike’s Kickstarter was 850% funded and credits much of that to the legwork performed by VentureApp.  Of note, VentureApp provided Mike with numerous important vendor introductions – a Kickstarter consultant, PR consultants, price strategists, and accountants.

“Without VentureApp, we wouldn’t have been able to get ButcherBox off the ground in the scrappy bootstrapping way that we did. VentureApp helped us scale up quickly with trusted resources. Having the VentureApp team on your side is invaluable.” – Mike Salguero, founder and CEO of ButcherBox

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