• September 30, 2016

How to Update Your Vendor Profile

How to Update Your Vendor Profile

VentureApp helps high-growth businesses connect with the best services and solutions that they need to grow. Our ultimate goal is to make the process as seamless as possible for both the buyer and the seller so that they can begin their working relationship with the knowledge and efficiency needed to make it a success.

As the technology behind our platform improves, we’re increasing this efficiency. Based on feedback from buyers, we’re making the information most pertinent to them about sellers, available at their fingertips, with Vendor Profiles. Buyers are most interested in your services, your differentiators, your typical preferences, and most importantly – who you’ve worked with and if they recommend you. You’ll see this reflected in the design of the profiles. Have you claimed yours yet? Sign in to find it today.

Join VentureApp and Chat Now

Simply log in and click “Vendor Profile” on the left hand side of your dashboard to start making updates. Now, do you want to make your profile stand out? Follow these simple steps. 

Make Sure You’re Logged In to VentureApp and Click “View Profile”

You can find it on the left hand side of your dashboard. If you’re not the best person to make these updates, please invite your marketing contact to manage this process (click Settings > Team > Invite).

Update Your Cover Photo, Logo and Bio

  • Add your logo by clicking “Edit Avatar” and uploading a high-res (minimum of 500px by 500px) version.
  • Add a cover photo similar to header photos on other social media profiles by clicking “Edit Background” and uploading a high-res (minimum of 4,200px wide by 1,000px high). Note that your company name will overlay on the image so avoid text in the center of the photo.
  • Update your bio with no more than 200 words. Refrain from using marketing jargon – buyers want simplified overviews of the services you provide.

Add Clients and References

  • To add clients, simply click “ADD,” type into the form, and your client name will pop up automatically.
  • Adding references is the most important aspect of your profile. You are not VentureApp Verified without at least 1 reference. The number of references you have will populate at the top of your profile – the more references the better. Click “ADD” and:
    • Have a reference already? Check the box to add an existing testimonial from a client and include a personal note asking them if it’s OK if you use it on VentureApp.
    • Need to ask a client for a reference? Keep the box unchecked so you can send a personalized note to a client asking them to write you a reference.
    • Your references will appear as “Pending” until your client approves it or writes one.

Add Services, Team Members, Basic Info and Collateral

  • Under services, find all the services that you are currently tagged to on VentureApp (i.e. if you’re a Bank, you will have tagged Checking, Credit Cards, etc.). You can add additional information to each service by clicking the individual service, and answering the 3 questions (you can stylize these with bullets, italics, bold, etc). A buyer will click these services in the purchasing process so make sure they are all filled out to make a good impression.
  • Invite any team members that should have access to your profile – a marketing manager, a sales colleague, etc.
  • Under Basic Info, add locations by typing in the city that will auto-populate.
  • Under Uploads, click “Edit” and “Add File to Library” to upload any collateral you want to share – marketing PDFs, brochures, etc.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.