• May 25, 2017

How to Access and Learn from Mike Volpe: One of Boston’s Top Marketers

How to Access and Learn from Mike Volpe: One of Boston’s Top Marketers

For many people in and out of Boston, having the chance to meet and network with Mike Volpe, one of the city’s top marketers and angel investors, could mean a lot of great things – for their business, their career, their next growth test, their marketing department, etc.

Luckily for them, Mike will soon be available for just that type of conversation. He’s hosting online office hours on VentureApp on Wednesday, June 7, at 1pm ET. It’s a unique opportunity for you to get one-on-one time with an influencer that you might not be able to so easily access otherwise.

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In case you aren’t familiar with how much of a local rockstar Mike is, here’s a quick blurb, in his own words:


“I’m Mike.  I’m the CMO at Cybereason, a cybersecurity company, and I also serve as an angel investor and startup advisor.  Previously, I joined HubSpot as the fifth employee and as CMO helped the company grow from about a dozen beta customers to over 15,000 customers, 1,000 employees, $150m in revenue, and an IPO leading to a $1.7B market cap.  I’ve also made more than 25 angel investments with 4 exits so far (HubSpot, Locately, GroSocial, ThriveHive) both alone and with my angel investing co-pilot Yoav Shapira through our Operator.VC non-fund.  I serve as an advisor to a number of companies and am on the board of directors of Repsly, a mobile CRM company and was on the board of Attend until they were acquired by Event Farm.  I’ve worked in marketing at a number of different startups in Boston and San Francisco and love talking about marketing and growth with other marketers and entrepreneurs.”

Whoa. Lots of incredible experience to unpack there. If you’re apprehensive about initiating a chat, I’ve found a good way to broach a conversation that will be valuable to both you and the other person is to zero in on their experiences and interests. Networking 101 will always tell you to a.) not be salesy, b.) add value where you can, and c.) do your research ahead of time and be knowledgable about their background. Ongoing relationships in business are always a give and take.

Let’s dig a level deeper and learn even more about Mike. Here are some topics he’s interested in that might correlate with your experiences or goals:

  • All things marketing & growth related (in case you missed it, Mike hosted Growth Camp last year where hundreds of Boston marketers attended to share and learn growth strategies and tactics)
  • The differences in approach, strategy, and tactics when marketing to SMBs vs. enterprise customers
  • How to get and give value during the VC pitch & pass experience
  • Using NPS scores at a startup – both best practices and mistakes in implementation
  • The disciplines of people operations, what it takes to be a truly great people ops executive, and the broad set of skills needed, spanning product management, marketing, sales, and customer success
  • Business and revenue models

Still unsure where to start? Here are 5 sample questions to help you get the conversation going:

  1. What moved the needle most for HubSpot when you were getting started and during various stages of growth thereafter?
  2. What is the first thing a marketer should do when they start at a new job?
  3. What are your thoughts on the marketing automation ecosystem given that you’ve invested in a few MarTech businesses?
  4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a startup re: acquiring your first 100 customers?
  5. You’re an active angel investor and every investor has their niche: what do you look for in an angel investment?

Interested in this opportunity to chat with Mike Volpe? RSVP today.