• August 26, 2016

How Does the VentureApp Request Process Work?

How Does the VentureApp Request Process Work?

VentureApp makes the process of finding vendors and services for businesses significantly more efficient. In some cases, we’ve saved businesses 80% of their resource time.

Just to break down that math a little: if you typically spend around 8 hours researching and finding the best vendor like an accountant for your business, you can expect to spend only around 95 minutes if you leverage VentureApp. The rest of that time goes right back into the work you’re passionate about.

Our business advisors essentially become your very own personal assistant and operations expert. They learn as much as possible about your business to create a custom business purchasing schedule – whether you need software or a service today, or nine months from now. Once your requests for software or a service are in our system, an account manager will find the top three best vendors that match your business goals and requirements.

To get started, schedule a 45 minute consultation with your business advisor in order to share details about your service goals, requirements and budget so that our matchmaking is perfect. You could also simply submit a request and we’ll get to work right away. Whether you know exactly what you need or want to browse our services to get some ideas, our platform is designed to help you get the services you need faster.

How it works:

Sign up with VentureApp:

VentureApp SignUp Page


Or, log in. Here’s where you sign in if you’re already a member:

VentureApp Log-in Page


Schedule a free consultation with your business advisor. Once you login, you’ll see a drop down arrow in the top right corner of your screen. Click “My Business Advisor” and ask in chat to schedule a business consultation:

Schedule a Consultation with VentureApp


Enter your company info and search for services here:

Search for business services on VentureApp


Have other important requests? Head to the Requests page, scroll down to “Create a New Request” and add it here:Submit a request for vendor services on VentureApp


Tell us more! After you click “Create New Request,” a pop up form will let you type in the specific service you need and add more details:

Submitting a new request for vendor services on VentureApp


Add a deadline. Once your request is created, you’ll see it on your Requests page. If your timeframe changes, please let us know by changing your deadline:

Setting a due date for your vendor service requests on VentureApp

In those same request fields, you can also check the status of your request. If it says “In Process,” our team is doing the legwork to find you the best vendors. If it says “Pitches Accepted,” you are in the process of reviewing vendor proposals to work with you. Once a request is closed, it will move into your “Closed” column and be marked “Finished.”

After you submit a request:

  1. Submit Request
    We research your solution or service needs. In the background, we’ll also benchmark your spend against the spend of other businesses of similar size and stage, to make sure you aren’t overpaying.
  2. Get Pitches
    Based on our research, we will send you the top three best vendors for you to choose from, vetted and evaluated against your requirements.
  3. Accept Pitches
    You can decide to be introduced to all, any, or none of the vendors we recommend. If you want more options, we’ll go back to the drawing board to handle the research for you.
  4. Connect with Vendors
    If you accept an introduction, you will be contacted by the vendor to move forward and arrange next steps.
  5. Choose a Vendor
    Begin your working relationship with the vendor.

Now, get ready to save significant time and money. You’ll be freed up from the legwork that goes into finding the right vendor, and you can put that time, energy, and money, into the work you’re passionate about.

Interested in trying us out? Get started today by signing up here.