• September 1, 2015

Hello, world. We’re VENTUREAPP.

Hello, world. We’re VENTUREAPP.

Innovation is the impetus of economic stimulation. It creates new markets, increases productivity, and raises the standard of living. It transforms the way we think, work and live as a society. The power of industry is directly correlated to peace and prosperity around the world.

VENTUREAPP was founded out of these beliefs and is committed to driving the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels innovation.

So, what exactly is VENTUREAPP? We’ve gotten this question from a lot of people in the tech community since word first leaked about VENTUREAPP’s investorsVENTUREAPP is an on-demand business solutions platform. Quite simply, VENTUREAPP users can submit any business request and be connected to a top tier solution provider via the VENTUREAPP platform. It’s a simple product and we’ll share more information on it soon, but today we want to focus on transparency.

The VENTUREAPP founding team comes from a number of different companies that are well known in the tech and startup community – Streetwise Media (Chase Garbarino, Kevin McCarthy and Greg Gomer), DailyBreak (Boris Revsin and Jared Stenquist), famaPR (Katie Sullivan), Cloaq (Dan McCarthy) and Washio (Caitlin Bolnick). We’ve been in the trenches of the startup community for a while and have witnessed first hand how information flows amongst founders, investors and employees. We think it is truly a shame that information in our community is so incredibly siloed. If information were to be shared more openly and freely, we believe it would help individuals and companies ultimately drive greater success. To that end, one of our founding values is to be transparent with the community and share as much of our inner workings as we responsibly can with you.

In our first post, we want to share our company’s values and expectations. I’m always surprised to hear how many startups don’t outline clear values and expectations that dictate the company’s “true north.” In my opinion, this is one of the most important things a team must do from the onset. Here are ours:

  • Founders first
  • Move fast
  • Be candid and transparent
  • Be the best at your job
  • Expect accountability
  • Act with integrity
  • Always improve
  • Find a way
  • Be tough
  • Be a positive community member

Values and expectations should be straightforward, easy to remember and guide every member of the team on how to win and behave. Most of ours are self explanatory, but our first V&E, founders first, is of the upmost importance. It means we put our users first. Our tagline, VENTUREAPP has your back, embodies this: we want to be the best partner your business can have and when you need help, you trust us with your most pressing needs.

We look forward to sharing much more of our story with you here on our blog, and most importantly we look forward to having your back.

– Chase