• February 17, 2017

Get Advice on Startup Ideation with the CEO of Drafted

Get Advice on Startup Ideation with the CEO of Drafted

We’re excited that Vinayak Ranade, the founder and CEO of Drafted, is hosting online office hours on VentureApp on Tuesday, February 21, at 2 pm ET.

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What are office hours? 

Every day on VentureApp, people chat with their business network about various topics and we have influencers, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors host office hours. These office hours give our users a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with some of the best in business for advice, to introduce themselves, etc. We want to make networking and connecting within the tech ecosystem much easier – to make the best in business more accessible so more innovation happens in our community.

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Why are we excited to have Vinayak Ranade host office hours?

Vinayak has a really interesting back story and Drafted is crushing it in Boston.

Back in 2010, Vinayak began his career as a software engineer at Kayak. He quickly worked his way up to head of the mobile app engineering team, worked with Paul English, and also began to head up a lot of the recruiting for engineers and interns. In fact according to Xconomy, Paul English called Vinayak a fantastic recruiter who built an electrifying culture for interns.

He left Kayak in 2014 and used his skills (recruiting & developing apps) to start Drafted. Coming up with an idea for a startup is often talked about among hopeful entrepreneurs and Vinayak is a great example of leveraging your skills to solve a problem in the market.

Drafted is a great concept – it’s a referral meets recruiting tool – giving HR teams recommendations of real candidates based on their collective network. Then it provides personal introductions to top picks. Big takeaway: referral-based recruiting without extra paperwork or red tape.

The team is impressive and they’ve raised a $2.5M seed round from an equally impressive roster of investors: Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, the BOSS syndicate, the e-commerce incubator Launch, and Blade, the former venture fund co-founded by Paul English.

What should you talk to Vinayak about?

On Tuesday at 2 pm, Vinayak will be online and looking forward to networking with VentureApp users. If you would love to start a convo with him, but unsure where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • Tips for building a product team in Boston
  • The process for finding a startup idea based on skills & demand in the market
  • How to know when the idea is a good one & typical success indicators
  • How to raise a seed round in Boston
  • All things product-related – how to scale product growth, how to leverage data in product development, tips for getting to product market fit
  • Who to network with in Boston & beyond

How should you get involved?

It’s pretty simple to participate.

1. Log on to www.ventureapp.com 10 minutes prior to 2 pm. It’s first come, first served so getting in front of Vinayak right away is important to be one of his first chats.
2. Look for Vinayak in the featured office hour chat on the top right of the platform.
3. Click to send him a chat. It’s one-on-one so expect personal attention to your personal or business questions!

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