Finding the Best Recruiter

Finding the right recruiter can be difficult. Once you’ve decided to outsource your hiring needs to a recruiter or recruiting agency, it is important to find someone that understands your business and what you look for in an ideal candidate. You will want someone who understands quality over quantity and works with you as a long term partner.


Hiring takes an enormous amount of time. Consider the following statistics for filling one position alone: the average time it takes to post on a job board is 1.5 hours, the average total time spent reviewing applicants is 23.5 hours, prescreening applications can take up to 4 hours, and wrapping up and actually hiring can take 7.5 hours. These times only increase when looking to fill more experienced roles. Aside from the substantial amount of time it takes to hire a candidate, a wrong or rushed hire could cost your business up to $25k in lost productivity and performance. While you could spend the equivalent of one week’s worth of work time going through this process and worrying over whether someone is a good fit, a recruiter can do the leg work for you so that you can focus on growing your business instead.


It is a recruiter’s sole focus to find the best candidate available for your open role. As such, they have a much larger network available. They are experienced in knowing where to look, what qualities to look for, and how best to reach out to passive applicants. The best candidates usually aren’t looking and require a specific approach to generate interest. Recruiters are well-versed in this and can greatly expedite the process. They can also help by handling initial assessments or screening of candidates. Business growth should be your number one priority and a recruiter can help ensure that.


If you are looking for help with recruiting and hiring, a recruiter or recruiting agency may be the right answer. There are different types of recruiters and recruiting agencies so it is important to work with a partner who understands your business and your needs. We can help you identify the best option for your needs, budget, and growth goals.

Here are top considerations throughout the process of deciding on a recruiter or recruiting agency:

Qualifying Questions:

  • Do you have relevant experience hiring for this specific type of role?
  • What are your contract terms & conditions of service?
  • Do you charge for basic advice?
  • What other similar companies have you worked with?
  • How long does the process usually take?
  • Where are you pulling your network from?
  • What would the feedback process between us look like? How responsive are you?
  • What/If Any skills testing do you do for candidates?

Questions a Recruiter Will Ask You:

  • Do you have a job description for the role you are looking to hire?
  • When are you hoping to fill this role by?
  • What level of experience are you looking for?
  • What are the qualities or skills that are must-haves in a potential candidate?
  • What does your interview process look like?
  • Could you tell me about your company culture?
  • Who will this person be reporting to?


Recruiting fees can vary depending on the type of recruiter, position, how quickly you need the role filled, etc. Agreements are generally divided into either retained structure or contingency fee. With retained, you pay a firm an upfront, guaranteed fee. With a contingency structure, they are based on performance and you don’t pay the recruiter until they successfully place an employee. In this scenario, they will usually charge a percentage of the compensation salary.

Contract Terms:

As mentioned above this largely varies based on model and expectations. Determine what your hiring goals are and what your budget specifications are to determine which pricing model and contract terms make the most sense for you.


Ask to speak with businesses in similar industries, of similar size, and with similar hiring needs. If possible, try to find a client that they may not list as a reference to evaluate their work.