Choosing the Right Project Management Tool

With over 500 project management software options, choosing the right project management tool for your business can be a confusing, time-consuming process. It’s important that you find a tool that works for the entire team and enhances overall productivity. You will also need to consider the time and cost it will take to implement and learn the new system.  Regardless of the size of your business, a project management software can help your team juggle tasks and increase organizational efficiency.


87% of high performing companies use project management software. It provides visibility into pending projects and enables teams to be deadline driven and collaborative. While google docs and sheets may work for a short time, with multiple projects and multiple team members, the process can quickly become unruly.


A survey done by Carnegie Mellon found that key performance metrics increase substantially when organizations improve at project management. Scheduling adherence improves by 50% and productivity can improve by over 60%. Imagine what your team could do with stricter scheduling and improved productivity. If you’ve ever found yourself or your team members sifting through slack or google sheets to find a document or share a status of a project, it may be time for you to invest in a project management tool.

Here are some top considerations to think about when purchasing a project management software:

Qualifying Considerations/Questions:

  • How easy is implementation of this project management tool? Is the UX intuitive?
  • What is the price structure?
  • Is this solution mobile compatible? Can I easily access the information while on the go?
  • What is the project management software’s set of features? Which features do I need? Are they aligned?
  • How easy is integration with other software or services?
  • Will this software grow with my team?
  • What customer support does the software have? How much support will you need for implementation?
  • Can the flow and structure of the system be adequately adapted to my project management process and structure?
  • What backup options or safety measures exist in the system?
  • What types of businesses use this project management system?
  • Can projects be worked on by multiple team members? Do  I need this?


The cost of project management software greatly depends on a number of factors such as number of users, features available, etc. Prices can range from free to several hundred dollars per month depending on your business needs. Price structure can be dependent on number of users, level of storage, number of projects, and more.

Contract terms:

As mentioned above this largely varies based on number of users, feature set, and more. Determine what your business goals are and what your budget specifications are to determine which pricing model and what contract terms make the most sense for you.


Speak with businesses in similar industries, of similar size, and with similar project management needs. If possible, try to find a user that the project management software provider may not list as a reference to evaluate its functionality and usefulness.