• February 22, 2017

Chat of the Day: Keys to Bootstrapping, Time to Delete Uber, and the Best Marketing Tools

Chat of the Day: Keys to Bootstrapping, Time to Delete Uber, and the Best Marketing Tools

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The best rebuttal to yesterday’s CoD was that companies absolutely need to diversify their ad spend off of FB and that alone presents a massive opp for SNAP.

Chat of the Day

This could get intense… Uber has had a nightmarish few months – one bad corporate incident after another. BUT when is enough, enough? Is it finally time to delete the app?

Earlier this year Uber allegedly profited off of a taxi driver strike (protesting Trump’s immigration ban) at JFK. This sparked the #deleteuber campaign which led to about 200k users ditching the app. More recently, Uber has been accused of allowing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace from a former female engineer.

These are serious issues that have a real effect on people. And so I ask you – is it finally time to stop supporting the ridesharing behemoth because of its inexcusable behavior and hop on board with the smaller competitors?

And more importantly is it time to stop supporting all companies that consistently disregard important social issues, their employee well-being, and do not have a positive impact?

I’ve already kicked off the conversation this AM. Let’s keep it going.

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Slightly less hot button issue to discuss today…

sarah downey status

I’ve already chatted Sarah to discuss our use of Mixpanel, Metabase, PersistIQ, Yesware, HubSpot and soon to be Marketo. However, I am also very curious as to what you folks are using. Let’s chat! We also wrote a blog post about this as well.

Office Hours

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Bootstrapping with no VC (Wednesday, February 22, at 11 am ET)
Wondering how to make your business work without capital from outside investors? Pat Campbell, co-founder & CEO at Price Intelligently, is hosting office hours to chat with folks about bootstrapping a startup and how he grew Price Intelligently w/ no VC money. An important part of this conversation is obviously your pricing strategy so bring all your questions.

Building a staffing startup (Thursday, February 23, at 1pm ET
The proliferate freelance and gig economy presents unique challenges to on-demand businesses and companies that have event-based staffing needs. Zack Smith, the CEO and founder of Jobble, tackled this demand in the market and is available on VentureApp this week to discuss his experiences.

Risking it all for a cause (Friday, February 24, at 2pm ET)
Ashley Reid‘s personal experiences drove her to risk it all in founding Wellist to improve the lives & medical experiences of those with illness. Ask her questions to learn more about her founder story and any tips she can share about getting traction for a healthcare startup.

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