• February 21, 2017

Chat of the Day: Camera IPOs, Workplace Comp & CEO Office Hours

Chat of the Day: Camera IPOs, Workplace Comp & CEO Office Hours

Every day on VentureApp, people chat with their business network about various topics and we host Office Hours, giving our users a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with influencers, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors. Here’s what we’re chatting about today…

Chat of the Day 

SNAP’s IPO is coming up quick (March 2nd) and it’s scary. First, FB owned WhatsApp just released its own version of Snapchat stories and that could immediately derail any type of international growth. Second, in its filing SNAP called itself “a camera company,” and (if you remember) the last camera company to go public – GoPro (see chart below) – hasn’t had a smooth ride AT ALL. The reason I bring this up today, is that Snapchat announced that it will start selling Spectacles online. Spectacles are really just a camera that sits on your face.

GoPro Stock Price

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 1.06.07 PM.png

Anyways, do you think Snapchat will continue to push hardware products as a camera company? And can it stay competitive while FB (Instagram and WhatsApp) continue to copy its exact feature set?

I’ll get the conversation started.

greg status

I think they’re heading into rough waters and will get beat up as a public company. Let’s chat today!

Featured Status 

Yesterday, we dove into the topic of HR/workplace culture and today, one VentureApp status jumped out at me…

drake richey status

I’ll toss this to the VentureApp community – how does your company keep key players at the table? Is it a cash/equity split? Or does cash do most of the talking? Or perhaps, it’s culture, perks and company/employee happiness?

The beautiful thing about VentureApp is that all of the conversations are and 1:1. This will allow you to discuss difficult topics and exchange ideas within a private chat. Let’s get it started!

Office Hours

BIG WEEK. Reminder to sign on early as these 1:1 chats are first come first served! Also, still looking to chat about employee comp? All of the office hours this week are with CEOs who have dealt with this topic before.

Starting a business based on your strengths (Tuesday, February 21, at 2 pm ET)
Vinayak Ranade is the CEO & founder of Drafted, a referral-based recruiting app w/ seed money from Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed, BOSS, e-commerce incubator Launch, and Blade, the former fund co-founded by Paul English. Vinayak found his strengths at Kayak, leading the company’s mobile app engineering team w/ a strong knack for recruiting… the rest is history. Learn more about him here & then chat with him one-on-one during his office hour.

Bootstrapping with no VC (Wednesday, February 22, at 11 am ET)
Wondering how to make your business work without capital from outside investors? Pat Campbell, co-founder & CEO at Price Intelligently, is hosting office hours to chat with folks about bootstrapping a startup and how he grew Price Intelligently w/ no VC money. An important part of this conversation is obviously your pricing strategy so bring all your questions.

Building a staffing startup (Thursday, February 23, at 1pm ET
The proliferate freelance and gig economy presents unique challenges to on-demand businesses and companies that have event-based staffing needs. Zack Smith, the CEO and founder of Jobble, tackled this demand in the market and is available on VentureApp this week to discuss his experiences.

Risking it all for a cause (Friday, February 24, at 2pm ET)
Ashley Reid‘s personal experiences drove her to risk it all in founding Wellist to improve the lives & medical experiences of those with illness. Ask her questions to learn more about her founder story and any tips she can share about getting traction for a healthcare startup.

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