• July 11, 2017

The Boston Tech Network: Goals and Guidelines

The Boston Tech Network: Goals and Guidelines


  1. Host phenomenal discussions. The main focus of this network is to host informative or educational discussions, with a high premium placed on conversations that are entertaining or provocative. Discussions must make people think.
  2. Share (drop) knowledge. There is a significant amount of disparate knowledge in the Boston Tech network. This network will be a place to catalogue our collective knowledge and make it accessible for all members.
  3. Make Boston Tech win. There are countless activities, efforts and resources that go into building a tech economy that is a global leader. Boston has all the raw ingredients, it just needs a little more pop. That pop comes from being proactive, engaging and inclusive. #MBTW


  1. Follow overall VentureApp guidelines. Found here.
  2. Pay it forward. The true mark of someone is how they treat people who can’t do anything for them. Do things for people. Don’t keep score. And remember those that helped you out along the way, as they changed your career.
  3. Be authentic. We use real identities and we look for real interaction. This isn’t an email pitch where you pretend to be someone else.
  4. No solicitations. This one is important and comes in many different forms. In general, treat this like a real-world event, in which you wouldn’t immediately walk up to someone and sell, pitch, or ask for something. Be human and don’t be annoying. When in doubt do two things for someone before asking for one and/or only engage in solicitous behavior if the other party has asked you to. Some general soliciting no’s-no’s include:
    1. Promoting your product/service in a public post, public chat, or private chat.
    2. Asking someone for a meeting or an introduction before socially/professionally acceptable.
    3. Pitching your company.
  5. Attack issues, not people. Professional networking is often sugar-coated, boring, and lame. We want real-talk here, but keep your strong opinions focused on issues, products and policies and not people themselves. Except for Dave Balter. People are free to make fun of Dave Balter.
  6. You can be banned. If the managers believe a member is harmful to the overall network, we reserve the right to ban them.
  7. No service providers at this time. We’re currently not accepting service providers. In the future we will be creating a specific membership designed for service providers to increase awareness within the community.


Coming soon.