• July 20, 2016

A Day In The Life of an Early Stage Startup (With & Without VentureApp)

A Day In The Life of an Early Stage Startup (With & Without VentureApp)

At VentureApp, we’ve talked to more than 1,000 companies and day-in and day-out we help with their vendor selection process. Helping high-growth companies (with huge potential) to streamline their operations is what gets us up in the morning. Seriously… we track how much money and time we save businesses and measure our success by these numbers.

On average, VentureApp:

  • Saves users 80% of admin time that would be spent researching and vetting vendors.
  • Provides immediate value by identifying cost and time saving recommendations.
  • Finds businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings with vendors and purchasing over the lifetime of a relationship with VentureApp.
  • Adds 2-3 team members to a business, available when needed, for free.

But for you to trust us with your purchasing research, we realize it’s not enough for us to just tell you that we’ll save you significant time and money. You want to hear HOW we help businesses like yours. You want to hear FROM businesses like yours about how much they love VentureApp.

We get it.

Early stage startups that engage with VentureApp are immediately excited about the possibility. What bootstrapped team with limited time and capital wouldn’t get excited about the concept of free, quality labor? Still, we ask for an initial time investment — 30-60 minutes on the phone with us for knowledge transfer. So that we truly understand your business, your goals & expectations, your budget, your timeframe, etc. So that we not only do the job as effectively as you could, but better.

Picture this…

Your life before VentureApp:

You wake up and immediately start thinking about the critical vendor needs you have: You need to find a lawyer. You need to find a new accountant. Your bank isn’t startup-focused, so you need to find a new bank, too. Your site needs an overhaul, but you’re scared to invest in web development services without doing major research first. Oh, and your sales are picking up and you need to organize those efforts so you can scale a salesforce. You need to find a CRM that can grow with your needs, but there are so many CRM tools out there… How can you possibly do all the research to know which is best for your business?

That’s just the first 20 minutes of your day. Once you get to the office, you’re hit with core operational tasks you must get through – you have to talk to clients, manage your team, deal with partners, answer to investors. Suddenly it’s 7pm and you’re back to the drawing board with vendors – and you’re stressing out because you have to get to dinner with your family…

You get the picture.

Here are some compelling stats from Capterra’s study of business professionals choosing software (just software! Imagine the time, money and resource suck for really complex products and services.):

  • More than one third of software purchases takes more than 3 months
  • Two thirds of software purchases involve 3 or more people, and it usually takes these small “software selection committees” several months of research and deliberation before they decide which software to buy.
  • 22% chose the first software they looked at. Many software buyers try to shortcut the process by not comparing all of their options, only to realize later that their chosen solution didn’t meet their needs.
  • Another recent study from 1E shows that about 28% of software that has been installed in organizations across the U.S goes unused. So all of that time, especially if it’s to choose the wrong software, really is a waste.

Now picture this…

Your life with VentureApp:

After a mere 30-60 minutes with VentureApp, you can take the following items (and more) off your plate: “find an accountant,” “research top startup bank,” “ask colleague for a web dev firm recommendation”, and “poll social networks for the best CRM tool for startups with 1-20 employees.”

We learn as much about your business as you will disclose so that we can replicate your vendor research process. Tell us your goals, your budget, your timeframe, your requirements – you can even tell us your pet peeves. We will take all of this into account and populate 3-5 recommendations (and reasoning) for each of your requests for a vendor.

Your morning is now focused on exercising, reading, or catching up on email. You are no longer stressed about all the admin time you need to devote to research, calling references, negotiating prices, etc. You can reclaim your time and devote it back to the core operations that truly move your business forward.

Want an example? How VentureApp Helped ButcherBox Reach 850% of its Crowdfunding Goal Hear how Mike Salguero, CEO and founder of ButcherBox, about how he saved weeks of time during a two-three month launch period, 80% of the time he normally devoted to research, admin, etc., and near-immediate value of $150,000. 

On average:

  • We save users 80% of their admin time that they would spend researching and vetting vendors.
  • We provide immediate value by identifying cost and time saving recommendations.
  • Over the lifetime of your relationship with VentureApp, we can find your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings with vendors and purchasing.
  • We add 2-3 team members to your staff, available when you need them.

What are you waiting for? Let VentureApp save you countless hours and thousands of dollars.

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